Not sure whether the course is for you? Here are some quotes from attendees, and if you’d like to know whether someone from your sector has attended, let us know and we can put you in touch.

“I attended Nick’s introductory workshop on using R for spatial analysis and was hugely impressed with the session he had put together. I came to the course with very little experience with either spatial analysis or using R, nevertheless, Nick’s course works for a genuinely mixed ability audience. I have returned to the office with a much higher skill level and a confidence to get stuck in. Nick was also kind enough to give me some support after the class via email, this was certainly above and beyond what he needed to do but helped me (and my organisation) get what we needed to get from the class. Thanks Nick!”

– Lois Aspinall, 29th April 2015, Using R for Spatial Analysis, London

“I attended the Introduction to using R for Spatial Analysis course, to gain preliminary insight into R programming and its application in geospatial data visualisation and analysis.

Nick was warm, and quick to get the course started. Once seated and introduced, we were each given a well-designed delivery plan, work booklet and guidance sheet. Together with the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, Nick led reassuringly through the entire course. I was highly impressed by the systematic, hands-on use of the course booklet. Like others on the course, Nick had my full attention!

I felt accomplished at the end of the course as I progressed from being able to read in .csv files, plot maps and customise various plot parameters, join various data types and reproject spatial data. The course was worth every effort, and I have no reservation whatsoever recommending it to anyone with interest in geospatial data analysis using R.”

Esuene Samson (formerly, Institute of Geophysics & Tectonics, University of Leeds, Leeds), 29th April 2015, Using R for Spatial Analysis, London

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